Press office

We write messages that reflect the true DNA of the brands.​
We express how special they are to reach their customers.

  • Writing and releasing all kinds of press materials: newsletter, press release, dossier​
  • Press Kit design and permanent hosting
  • Exclusive articles and interviews management​
  • Daily conversation with Media to find out new publications opportunities
  • International press management
  • Corporate and Trade Media


We create special and unforgettable events that really leave a mark in the guests.​
We also accompany the brands in all their strategic dates.

  • Open days to introduce the new collections and products to the press, bloggers and influencers​
  • Catwalks organization
  • New products test and presentations​
  • Exclusive events management:​
    • Trade fairs, catwalks, new shop openings​
    • Meetings for companies: private sales and exhibitions, workshops, networking events​
    • Press & influencers meetings and trips​
  • Press and influencers invitation to events

Public relations

Public Relations connect brands with VIP’s,​ getting the best for both

  • Contact between brands and VIP’s
  • Dressing management for celebrities editorials, events and TV shows​
  • Special gifting campaigns to press, influencers and vip’s ​
  • Brand ambassador proposal and management​​​

Social media

We manage Social Media that reflect the true identity of the brand,​
while building sinergies and taking care of their community.

  • Community Management
  • Creation of visual content and copy
  • Advertising campaigns assessment (Instagram o Facebook Ad’s)​
  • Activities planning to push the Social Network

Influencer marketing

We design honest strategies with influencers,​ searching the best options according to each poject​

  • Detailed selection of the best influencers taking in consideration: location, quality of the pictures, audience, engagement and budget​
  • Collaborations management
  • Strategy campaigns to push the visibility of the brand and the sales​
  • Reporting to inform about the effectiveness results ROI

Advertising On / Off line

We negotiate the best prices and publications to get the best deal for your brand

  • Briefing analysis
  • Copywritting
  • Advertorials writing and design
  • Media planning to get the best deal
  • Prime publications and last minute offers management


We trust in our ability for getting the best results ​and we love to inform about them

  • Clipping of every publication on Print, Web, Blog, TV or Social Media​
  • Reporting of results (ROI) and efectiveness (KPI) ​
  • Quantitative and qualitative presentations to help Marketing teams and companies​
  • Brand reputation analysis


We help the brands to define their DNA or restyle their image, ​to express what makes them so special

  • Brand image assistance​
  • Digital content for Social Media and website
  • Marketing​ content:
    • Story telling to connect with the customers
    • Branded content to improve customer loyalty​
    • Post for blog
  • Visual branding
    • Brand assistance in visual materials: lookbook, still life pictures, fashion film
    • Best proffessionals and suppliers research: photography, stylism, art direction​
    • Post for blog


Thanks to our know how and wide experience we’re informed about case studies, opportunities and new trends of the market

  • Brand development support
  • Advice on Marketing activities to push the sales​: global campaigns to integrate Media, Social Network, shops and customers
  • Events asisstance: Trade fairs, promotions in points of sale​
  • Networking support
    • Best suppliers, adapted to the brand case and style
    • Sales proffessionals
    • Co-branding